Orgie Sensfeel Woman Pheromone– Travel Size 10ml

Pheromone Perfume – Invoke Seduction

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About the product
The best-seller perfume Sensfeel for Woman in 10ml travel size.
Orgie exclusive formula containing the natural-based active ingredient Sensfeel™ for Her, a pheromone booster that can enhance the testosterone production in men through the interaction of two of its components – White Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) derived from Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) – which results in mimic of the copulin, the female sexual pheromone.

Pheromone perfume for woman.

Aphrodisiac floral and fruity fragrance that invites the adventure of passion. Woody base notes, flower middle notes, fruity top notes.

How to use
We advise the use in areas of higher level of blood circulation, such as neck and wrists. The effect of Sensfeel For Woman reaches its maximum response 30 minutes after application and lasts for a few hours. Shake well before use. Reapply as desired.

01 Sensfeel for Woman, individual color box packaging.

Individual packaging:
Spray glass bottle 10ml | 0.34 fl oz

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